Support Team

Remote pro Support Team consists of Operations and Client Services, Payroll and Accounts, IT Management, Recruitment, Human Resource Management and Office Administration.

The Support Team is there to ensure your staff are working efficiently and delivering to your performance expectations and our quality standards.

  • How does the Remote staffing process work?

    when you use remote staff though , you hire them and manage their performance directly You can fire them if they don’t comply with their contacts of employment the only difference between Regular staff and remote staff is they work outside

  • What is the best way to get started?

    Best way to get started; fill out your information under the contact section located on the homepage. You will then be contacted within 24 hours. We will schedule a meeting and identify your business needs.

  • Do I have to come in to your office for the initial meeting?

    It’s not necessary to come in to our office for the initial meeting. This is the beauty of doing business in a virtual environment. Everything we do is designed to make things easier and more time-effective for you. For your convenience, the initial meeting can be conducted via teleconference or desktop conference so you can learn about all the benefits of a Remote partnership.

  • Is there a trial period?

    Yes, there is a trial period that applies to particular projects. Please feel free to ask for more details.

  • Does you offer a confidentiality agreement?

    Yes, all contracts include the confidentiality agreement and will be agreed upon during the initial meeting. A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) further ensures we will not share proprietary information with any outside source, unless agreed otherwise in writing.

  • What about a Confidentiality Agreement?

    A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) assures we will not share information with an outside source, unless agreed otherwise in writing.

  • How do you secure my information?

    We use state of the art security software to prevent spyware or computer viruses. We do not store any important information in our computers. Instead confidential information is stored in our secured network and in a cloud storage for backup purposes. All printed materials is shredded before sent for recycling.

  • How will I be billed?

    Billing will be based on the type of Remote plan you choose and your preferred method of accounting. Some contracts may require billing on a monthly basis and others may be on a per project base.

  • Are there any cancellation fees?

    If cancellation is made prior to delivery of services then no cancellation fees will be incurred. If you need to temporarily suspend delivery of services we provide a 3 month and 6 month option to do so without penalty.

  • How do I temporarily suspend all or a portion of my Remote services?

    You may temporarily suspend all or a portion of your services by simply submitting a “Request for Suspension” form, provided to you upon request. We ask for at least 30 days advance notice to temporarily suspend an account, which will be easily reactivated at a pre-determined date.